Friday, July 17, 2009

Sometimes in our lives, we come to the point that we have to leave----may it be leaving a place or leaving a person behind. When we leave, there are also questions like how long are you going to stay there; are you even coming back; and why do you have to leave me. Things like this happen, and sometimes, we don't know what to do after we realize a couple of things.

I left my friends and my boyfriend for I chose a different path. A path that I thought was right, but now I'm still thinking if choosing family over friends and studies is right. Well, it's not the issue here. The issue here is that, after leaving them, I kind of asked myself, are we still good? I asked myself towards my relationship with my boyfriend and my communication with my friends. I kind of hate to admit it but, I really feel that I lost a portion of my love for my boyfriend when I left him. It's not that I am seeing another guy but I just can't feel the connection between us especially our only communication is through texting and there are times that I can't communicate with him. I just don't feel the spark more likely anymore. Though sometimes I do miss him.

Leaving my friends made me sad because we're really close. I actually prioritize my friends over my boyfriend because I believe that boyfriends will come and get you and if they find themselves not interested anymore, they will leave you at once, not like with your friends---true friends. Now, I do realize that friends also come and go. I have this guy friend since my first year high school and we were really close. We treat each other like brother and sister. We share stories about our lives, may it be disgusting, funny, heart-breaking, or even may get to your nerves. We also have been to rough patches because of the jelousy of his ex-girlfriend. He also didn't know what my plans were since I left because we didn't communicate with each other because of the tension that was build up after having a talk with his ex-girlfriend. He turned like a little cold than before. He's not the guy I used to know who asks me everyday 'How are you?' I know I shouldn't feel this because he's just my friend. But I really cherish our friendship. I almost lost him because of his ex-girlfriend.

Leaving the people you love really sucks but you just have to accept it. Accept whatever result of your decision may bring for who knows what the result maybe. It may do good on both sides, for you will learn how to grow up without them and when the time comes, you will both have numerous stories to tell to each other. It may also do harm on each parties for they have weak communication, weak understanding, weak trust, and weak heart.

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